Partnerships with Developers

Understanding Developer Needs
Ni America believes in forging partnerships with developers.

Our goal is to help you better finance your projects. We understand construction issues and strive to develop assistance programs to provide capital when you need it.

We understand the business of operating water and wastewater systems, and we can help remove that everyday distraction. As professional utility owners and operators, we know how to provide those services to your customers.

We are regulated by state utility agencies that have water quality and customer service in mind.

Entrepreneurial Approach
The Ni America objective is to meet customer demand and to provide quality service.

We think like you do, and our decision-making process is streamlined and timely.


Lower Overall Rates

At first glance, water and wastewater rates in Investor Owned Utilities (“IOUs”) may appear to be higher than municipal waterworks; however, this is often misleading. Private utilities must pay taxes, are not subsidized by local tax revenues, and do not have access to tax exempt debt. These subsidies, in effect, imply higher overall costs for water and wastewater services in many city and municipal district water utilities.

As an IOU, we do not have the authority to tax our customers. Our monthly bill contains both the cost to operate and maintain the system, as well as the return of our investment. Even so, in most cases, our rates are competitive with other providers in the area.

What does that mean to you and your customers? Lower taxes and competitive rates reduce living costs for your customers which can equate to quicker lot turnover and higher profits for you.

Long Term Commitment
Ni America is a growth oriented company. Our long-term commitment to investment is your assurance that we will be there for Phase II of your project.



A Perfect Example: Palmetto Utilities, South Carolina

Palmetto has a 30-year history of successfully planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining regional utility service in the Columbia, SC area. Palmetto recognizes that wastewater and water infrastructure is the backbone of long term stability and growth. For 30 years, Palmetto has partnered to convert over 150 square miles of rural farm land into prospering communities with new families, businesses, and schools. Likewise, Palmetto has grown from a small utility, servicing a single subdivision, to the largest privately held single water/wastewater utility in South Carolina.

We have accomplished this growth without the use of any public money, and at a fraction of the cost incurred by neighboring utilities. Palmetto’s rates, as approved by the Regulatory Commission, are among the lowest in the region and tap fees are significantly lower than the neighboring counties and the City of Columbia. Our six million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant near Columbia is recognized by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) as one of the most efficient in the state and the Rapid Infiltration Basins utilized to receive treated effluent do not discharge any effluent, thereby further protecting South Carolina’s pristine lakes and rivers. Palmetto prides itself in being a part of the local community and assuring the highest quality construction and maintenance of our systems. We have been rewarded with very efficient treatment facilities and collection and transport lines with inflow and infiltration levels significantly below industry standards.

We believe that by using the “Palmetto” approach, we are uniquely qualified to invest both private equity and public capital in the construction of infrastructure to serve a larger area for less money. This should result, due to an increased tax base and more effective operation, in lower taxes and reasonable utility tap fees and rates for businesses, commercial and industrial customers, and individual homeowners. Our primary goal is to provide the most economical water and wastewater rates possible in the future by providing a public /private partnership whereby Palmetto uses a combination of private equity investment and, where available, public funding (grants and/or low interest loans) to construct the required water and wastewater infrastructure. This would be inherently more attractive for commercial and residential development.

Palmetto is a regulated public utility. As such, its rates require approval by the South Carolina Public Service Commission (SCPSC). Palmetto’s rates are among the lowest rates in the region – for governmental or private utilities. While Palmetto strives to keep its rates competitive by using an entrepreneurial approach to investing in plant and facilities, the SCPSC regulates the company to assure that Palmetto’s rates are commensurate with Palmetto’s investment. This same approach would apply to any water and wastewater services Palmetto may be permitted to provide in the future.

Palmetto believes that we can provide better service at lower cost than any other alternative because we construct more efficient facilities faster, with a smaller capital investment and with minimal environmental impact.